At REV Communications Inc.– Many surveillance systems utilize on site video recording and storage on a DVR (digital video recorder) for certain situations where the location of the DVR is not secure and could potentially be accessed or damage, REV offers “Virtual DVR” service. Our Virtual DVR service provides added security as recorded video is stored remotely on our server, for a period of one week up to 6 months. The video and cameras can be accessed securely online. Virtual DVR is offered to both clients who have existing surveillance systems and to those who purchase and install new systems from REV Communications.

What is Virtual DVR Hosted Solution?

It’s an easy to use web-based IP camera hosted solution that allows you to Access, View, Record and Manage all your IP cameras anytime/anywhere. It’s easy to setup and use, all you need is an IP camera, Broadband connection and an Internet browser to set up your own affordable monthly video monitoring service. Below are some of the features and benefits;

  • No need for any computer at monitored location
  • Store recorded video on our secure servers
  • Access your live and recorded video from anywhere
  • Our servers will monitor the status of your cameras
  • Receive alerts on your cell phone, email, pager
  • Never need to upgrade your computer anymore
  • Pick a package that fits your need
  • Added security with less maintenance
  • Web-based camera management software
  • No need for any wiring
  • Easy to install and easy to use
  • Flexible and scalable

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