Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer system

REV Communications Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer system will minimize losses due to theft or vandalism or it can aid law enforcement and security personnel as a tool to curb unruly behavior at events or demonstrations. The mobile security system provides cameras onsite and is designed for construction site surveillance, law enforcement, safety training, investigations, police, private security and parking lot security.

  • Reduce Construction Site Theft! Save Thousands from Stolen Materials
  • Perfect Short Term or Temporary Surveillance Application
  • Special Event Monitoring; Sporting Events, Parades
  • Portable Design for Rapid Deployment

Whether a crisis or event is natural or man-made, you need to be able to effectively manage people on the ground for the best possible solution. A birds-eye view from the two security cameras 20′ high give you the best vantage point by removing any obtrusions or obstacles that would normally hamper the human eye. By removing the human element you get reliable information and its remote capabilities ensures the safety and lives of those involved. 

Municipalities are also taking advantage of video surveillance technology. By deploying our remote video surveillance trailer you now have the capability to monitor an entire parade route or sporting event from one central location. The controls and image capture quality of our cameras is so advanced that operators now have the ability to track and direct ground personnel to specific targets in large crowded areas for apprehension.


  • Monitor and control multiple remote surveillance trailers simultaneously
  • Zoom allows controllers to track individuals for apprehension
  • Recorded video can be valuable for training purposes
  • View locations from a safe distance

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